29 November 2015

In this audacious, ambitious, and philosophically completist study, Hands leads an interdisciplinary search through all the current human knowledge that may help answer two burning questions: What are we, and where do we come from?… The result is a pearl of dialectical reasoning between Hands and the most celebrated experts he can find.  In today’s age of specialization, readers will welcome this throwback to the days of the well-informed layperson, conversant and opinionated in a variety of topics… Hands grounds his musings in logic and scientific fact to produce a thoughtful treatise for the eternally curious.
—Starred review, Publishers Weekly

Hands has spent the last 10 years assembling a critical overview of scientific orthodoxy in an attempt to answer the fundamental questions ‘what are we?’ and ‘why are we here?’… A compendious work that will intrigue serious readers.
Kirkus Reviews


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