10 April 2023

The Optimism Café “John Hands Optimistic for The Future of Humankind” Discussion with founder Victor Perton and board members of The Centre for Optimism. For video and text, see https://www.centreforoptimism.com/blog/johnhands

28 February 2023

“Optimism or Extinction?  What’s the future of humanity?” Discussion with Perry Marshall, author of Evolution 2.0, hosted by Justin...

9 July 2022

Korean edition The Korean edition of COSMOSAPIENS has now been published.  See https://tinyurl.com/4d3hbntu I have 4 spare copies and so if anyone would like a copy please contact me.

5 March 2022

Putin’s invasion of Ukraine Putin’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine fills me with horror and sadness.  On two occasions, before and after the end of the Soviet Union, I spent time staying in most regions of Ukraine to research Perestroika Christi and...

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