THE FUTURE OF HUMANKIND: Why We Should Be Optimistic

The sequel to Cosmosapiens that predicts our long-term future.

“A treasure trove of research and careful arguments, and a clarion call to action.”
Prof Denis Noble CBE, FRS, FMedSci, MAE

The Future of Humankind isn’t just exhaustively researched and relevant to every human being; it’s majestic. Impossible to not finish.”
Perry Marshall
Author of Evolution 2.0

“Predicting the future is ever a daunting and a hazardous task.  John Hands critically examines current predictions of our extinction, survival, and transformation before, with polish and verve, he projects into the future the pattern of our evolution from the origin of the universe to produce a unique and astonishing forecast.”
Michael Fossel
Author of The Telomerase Revolution

“With verve and insight, John Hands tackles that most pressing of all questions – the future prospects for our planet and our species. His balanced interrogation of the threats posed by pandemics and climate change and science’s promises of salvation could not be more timely.”

Dr James Le Fanu
Author of Why Us?

“What is the future of mankind? John Hands uses a scientific perspective, extraordinary insight and solid materials to give a very valuable answer. I believe his book can inspire more people think about the destiny of mankind.
”Dr. Feng Liu
Author of Rise from Superintelligence, Member of the Research Group of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

“John Hands… predict(s) a unique and surprising future for our species.”
Martin Cohen
Author of Cracking Philosophy

Published in the UK by Castleton Publishers.

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Published in the US by Castleton Publishers.

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