Castleton Publishers was established in 2015 to publish books by John Hands that are either no longer in print or not available as eBooks.  It is now publishing new books.

THE FUTURE OF MANKIND: Why we should be optimistic

The sequel to Cosmosapiens that predicts our long-term future.

“A treasure trove of research and careful arguments, and a clarion call to action.”

Prof Denis Noble CBE, FRS, FMedSci, MAE

Housing Co-operatives

Republication of the classic book on housing co-operatives worldwide, with a new Introduction for 2016 by John Hands.

This is a book for those who believe in the power of people to shape their own lives.

The Catholic Herald

Brutal Fantasies

A CIA officer must choose between the most precious thing in his life and his own redemption when his quest for a terrorist confronts him with the truths of his own past.

Excellent… The achingly tantalizing crawl towards the climax is a masterpiece of suspense.

Peter Millar, The Times

Perestroika Christi

The international bestselling thriller about the clandestine struggle between the Vatican and the Kremlin for the soul of humanity.

John Hands’s Perestroika Christi is a wonderful thriller and I could not put it down.

Norman Stone, The Guardian - Books of the Year

Darkness at Dawn

An undercover agent is torn between love and fear when resurgent nationalism threatens to plunge Russia and Ukraine into ethnic warfare.

Hums with the realism of tomorrow’s headlines and the suspense is as sharp as a scalpel.

Michael Hartland, The Daily Telegraph

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