Sale of rights in The Future of Humankind

Towards the end of 2023 I sold audio rights to Blackstone for £3,225, plus translation rights to China for US$10,000, to Korea for $7,000 and to Spain and Romania for smaller sums.  Currently I have agencies pitching to publishers in Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, and...

23 July 2023

I will be presenting my new book THE FUTURE OF HUMANKIND Why We Should Be Optimistic by video to the Scientific and Medical Network and answering questions on Wednesday 26 July 7:00pm – 8:30pm BST.  To participate go...

20 June 2023

Interviewed about THE FUTURE OF HUMANKIND Why We Should Be Optimistic by Paul Krauss, The Intentional Clinician.  See To listen to his podcast, go...

9 June 2023

I was interviewed about my writing by Humphrey Hawksley on Goldster Inside Story.  For the video go to  

10 April 2023

The Optimism Café “John Hands Optimistic for The Future of Humankind” Discussion with founder Victor Perton and board members of The Centre for Optimism. For video and text, see

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