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John Hands was a Visiting Lecturer in Creative Writing at the University of North London and also gave workshops in creative writing for Artemisia Holidays in Italy.

Some comments from University of North London students:

The best and most comprehensive of all the creative writing courses I’ve taken. Excellent course, excellent lecturer.

3rd Year BA (Creative Writing)

Beats all other courses. I learned crafts that other tutors speak about but never really touch upon. It makes me wonder if other tutors should attend these lectures.

3rd Year BA (Philosophy/English)

It is the best course I have ever done in this university. You gave us many skills to improve our writing. I have learnt a lot.

3rd Year BA (English)

Teacher very passionate and his creative enthusiasm rubs off on everyone. This course gave me much more confidence in my writing and developed my re-writing skills.

3rd Year BA (English)

A lot of freedom to channel creativity in an individual way, explore new ways of writing…well structured, lots of info, engaging, encourages group to share ideas and give each other feedback. Practical exercises useful, not just straight lecturing… I very much enjoyed this course. It allowed me to think for myself, have my own ideas and style.

2nd Year BA (English/Drama)

We all have ideas, but the most important thing that we’ve learnt is how to control them and organize them into a story.

3rd Year BA (English)

Seminars were very encouraging and helped me to extend and explore my imagination more freely.

3rd Year BA (English)

It was great to be taught by someone who loves his craft! Enthusiasm and inspiration… I feel like I have gained a lot of valuable skills for my future writing. Thanks.

3rd Year BA (English)

I have been really inspired to get writing again. I also very much enjoyed the course and have found it very helpful in my writing.

2nd Year BA (English)

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