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19 December 2019

Romanian translation of COSMOSAPIENS

Humanitas launch their translation of COSMOSAPIENS at their main bookshop in Bucharest, Libraria de la Cismigiu.  Cristian Tudor Popescu, Alexandru Babe, Doru Castaian, and Vlad Zogra participate in the event.

See here for further details and their new book cover.

24 September 2018

COSMOSAPIENS German paperback edition

Random House Germany today publish their paperback edition of COSMOSAPIENS with a new cover under their Pantheon imprint.  See here for further details and the new cover.

18 February 2018

Some reviews from German edition

“John Hands is a knowledgeable outsider driven by a love of pure science… Cosmosapiens is studded with important thoughts and interesting details.” Michael Lange, Deutschlandfunk Kultur

“A grandiose work about natural and scientific history. The Englishman, whose work has won many awards, hardly misses anything.” Alex Dengler, Denglers Buchkritic

“Innovative, informative and exciting to read!” Kultbote

“Provides a great overview over human evolution.” Kieler Nachrichten

“The answer to the question ‘What are we?’ for Hands, is that we alone are the unfinished, reflective product of an accelerating cosmic process characterized by collaboration, increasing complexity and convergence, and that our future evolution lies in our hands.” Wolfgang Taus, Wiener Zeitung

3 December 2017

Romanian rights in COSMOSAPIENS

Bought by Humanitas, one of the leading publishers in  Romania, to add to US, Spanish, German, Chinese, and Korean rights.

6 November 2017

Chinese edition of COSMOSAPIENS

Published today in both hardback and paperback.  See here for further details and image of book.

31 October 2017

Updated US Paperback of COSMOSAPIENS

Published today by Overlook Press at $22.95, with an additional endorsement by Edward O Wilson “Cosmosapiens is an audacious tour by a single author of all that science can teach us about the origin and evolution of humanity in the universe, start to finish.”  See here.

24 October 2017

Review in Huffington Post

This groundbreaking book will surely become a classic of scientific thinking. It should be on the shelf of anyone who has ever asked ‘What are we?’ and ‘Why are we here?’  See here for full review.

23 October 2017

German publication of COSMOSAPIENS

Random House published the German edition of COSMOSAPIENS with improved illustrations and a new cover. See here.

29 September 2017

Endorsement by Edward O Wilson

My American publishers are using an endorsement from the eminent evolutionary biologist, philosopher, and twice-Pulitzer-prizewinner Edward O Wilson on the front cover of their paperback edition to be published next month: “Cosmosapiens is an audacious tour by a single author of all that science can teach us about the origin and evolution of humanity in the universe, start to finish.”

8 July 2017

SMN Annual Meeting Keynote Address

As winner of the Scientific and Medical Network Book Prize 2016 for COSMOSAPIENS, I will be giving the keynote address followed by questions and answers on Saturday 8 July during the SMN Annual Meeting.  This will be held at the University of Plymouth from 7 to 9 July.  Full details here, including booking residential or non-residential tickets.  For those just wishing to come to the talk and Q&As, please contact the SMN in London at the phone number given.


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