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John Hands has given two-day interactive workshops on Creativity and Craft for Your PhD that demonstrate, and participants practice, a range of creative and craft skills that they can use or adapt to tackle every stage in the process of producing an effective PhD. The two days are separated by 2 weeks to enable participants to practice the skills taught on Day 1 in their real-life research rather than just in the time-constrained environment of the workshop. On Day 2 John provides an opportunity for feedback and questions arising from this real-life practice.

For more information see the description of the workshops for the University College London Doctoral Skills Development Programme. See more details here.

A belated thank you for the excellent session at the recent Summer School. The feedback has been very positive from the staff as well as the students. I think it was a revelation for many of them.

Dean of Postgraduate Studies at St George’s Hospital Medical School and Deputy Director for the SWAN Institute of Biomedical and Life Sciences

Brilliant tutor! Very effective! Probably the most useful course that I have ever attended… very practical. I finally learnt something I can apply in my daily research

2nd Year PhD, Graduate School of Life Science & Medicine, Imperial College

It was the best writing course that I have attended so far… Please cancel the others and give John more sessions to cover his practical and very relevant techniques… Fantastic content, enthusiastic style and passion for subject unrivalled.

Anon, Graduate School of Life Science & Medicine, Imperial College

Met expectations and beyond!… should be compulsory module for PhD students.

Anon, Graduate School of Engineering & Physical Sciences, Imperial College

Inspiring. The integration of meditation as a means of accessing creativity was an inspired choice and the guided meditation was beautifully done.

Anon, UCL

The workshop was brilliant, and very, very effective for me. I have made giant strides toward planning my PhD and focusing it, which I was most concerned about!

1st Year PhD English, UCL

I found both Parts 1 and 2 absolutely critical to my progress so far… highly recommended.

2nd Year PhD, UCL

The meditative technique is shockingly effective — thank you! This workshop really provides guidance and practical advice that can be immediately applied to any stage of your PhD.

3rd Year PhD, Neuroscience, UCL

By far the most interesting and helpful PhD workshop I have ever attended.

1st year PhD, UCL

Excellent and highly enjoyable… I liked liveliness and humour of lecturer… switch between creativity and craft, strongly interactive structure, practical components

2nd Year PhD, UCL

Just brilliant.

3rd Year PhD, UCL

This course should be compulsory for 1st year PhDs. I might not have wasted so much effort.

2nd year PhD, UCL

It should be a compulsory course for every PhD student.

4th year PhD, UCL

Brilliant course. Very enjoyable as well as illuminating. Helps greatly. I liked the balance of information, examples, exercises, discussion, and humour.

2nd Year PhD, UCL

A terrific course for developing both well-structured work and fluid, effective writing.

Anon, UCL

Thanks you very much for your efforts, John… I really enjoyed the workshop and I think it will make a huge difference. I am actually looking forward to writing than dreading it!! Many thanks.

1st Year PhD, UCL

Very good course, well received. Structure and meditation parts helped me structure my PhD plan. Exceeded my expectations. Tutor was highly passionate and attentive, very good teaching style, easy to follow, understand, and contribute.

Anon, Graduate School of Engineering & Physical Sciences, Imperial College

It is a fantastic course in terms of the benefits that it offers. Tutor is well organized, convincing, and clear.

Anon, Graduate School of Engineering & Physical Sciences, Imperial College

The most useful things were learning how to integrate both craft and creativity in developing our thinking… particularly harnessing our subconscious thinking to more creatively approach the questions. Extremely useful. The exercises were excellent illustrations.

Anon, London School of Economics

Thank you for your workshop; it helped me a lot…There are a lot of piecemeal ‘how-to-do …’ guides in the internet, but I did not see anyone coming up with an holistic approach like you did in your seminar.

Anon, London School of Economics

John Hands is excellent and I wish he could run other workshops.

Anon, Queen Mary, University of London

Highly recommended. The focus on writing up—presentation, structure, and style—was significant and productive.

2nd Year PhD, Queen Mary, University of London

The whole workshop showed me a brand new way to systematically manage my research… Very well done. Thank you so much, John. I really had a wonderful time today.

3rd Year PhD, City University

This course has given me the structure/system/confidence to write up my PhD.

4th Year PhD, City University

For the first time I have learned something I can use to start my research. I was confused about my PhD until now. This is the best training I have taken. BRILLIANT.

Anon, Kings College London

The course was absolutely fantastic!

Anon, Kings College London

John is a fantastic communicator + well experienced. His humor also makes the day go by smoothly. I learned key techniques on planning and strategy.

Anon, Kings College London

The course is really useful and John is fantastic.

Anon, Kings College London

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