John Hands is the author of critically acclaimed nonfiction books and novels, and has been published in 12 countries.  He was trained in science, specializing in chemistry, at the University of London where he had been the first undergraduate President of the Union.  He co-authored two research studies and published one book in the social sciences.  He tutored in physics and in management studies for Britain’s Open University, was visiting lecturer at the University of North London and then RLF Fellow at University College London where he began more than 10 years writing COSMOSAPIENS Human Evolution from the Origin of the Universe.  He spent a further six years researching and writing the sequel to COSMOSAPIENS, entitled THE FUTURE OF HUMANKIND Why We Should Be Optimistic, which was published in 2023.  He has also written three novels published in the UK and the USA, one of which was also published in six other countries.